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For information on Stockpile Tracker, click here.
For information on Inlibra Suite (Data Reconciliation), see below.

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Inlibra Suite.
An accurate mass balance is critical to a company’s bottom line. But until now, the software tools to reconcile material balance and related mass flow measurements have been clumsy and time-consuming – and as frustrating and limiting as the issues they were supposed to solve. That’s why Inlibra Suite was created – and why it’s quickly becoming the world’s leading material balance software. To this end, we offer three software solutions:


Data Reconciliation is the heart of the material balance process. This innovative software combines a practical, user-inspired configuration with algorithm-based balance and error distribution for robust, accurate results. Data Reconciliation includes the ability to perform simultaneous component balances. Learn More >

dr steps
Figure 1 – Overall data reconciliation steps.

Composition Tracking is an advanced feature that follows feedstocks through the plant to the process unit. It also provides automatic movement detection. Using Composition Tracking, you can accurately track tank compositions as they change and know the composition of your flowing materials. Learn More >

CT process
Figure 1 – The Inlibra CT processing steps.

Smart Objects functionality allows you to create logical views and reports, using formulas to show your plant’s key performance indicators. Learn More >

Figure 1 – Example of a Smart Object used in a Logical Stream.

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Stockpile Tracker. Using real-time measurements pertaining to additions and removals, Stockpile Tracker models the volume and mass of a granulated solids stockpile over time. It provides up-to-date inventory via intranet web displays and stores the information in a database from which it can be queried for reports. Learn More >

stockpile img
Figure 1 – Main intranet application web interface page.

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Data Reconciliation
   Introduction >
   Robust and Accurate DR >
   Graphical User Interface >
Composition Tracking
   Introduction >
   Relationship of CT to DR >
   Technology Description >
Smart Objects
Stockpile Tracker
   Introduction >
   The Problem >
   What ST Provides >
   What Your Plant Needs >
   GUI Features >
   Goals of ST Design >
   Modeling Method >
   Security >

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