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Data Reconciliation


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Inlibra is innovative software that utilizes data reconciliation to resolve data inaccuracy on flow measurements and manual entry data on oil movement, with the ultimate goal of balancing a plant’s inputs with its outputs.

Given the nature of measured data, there will always be slight inaccuracies and disagreements between measured values in a plant. In some cases, the data may truly be incorrect. Knowing when to accept slight inaccuracies -- and when to act on a true measurement error -- is important to process engineers and production accountants. When discrepancies are tolerable, it’s also important to be able to apportion them to the various streams within the plant.

By categorizing discrepancies and reconciling them, Inlibra gives you the best possible set of data to balance the plant, enabling you to identify and account for losses.

With the complexity of oil refinery and chemical plant processes, finding errors manually is impractical. Maintaining reliable oil movement data has traditionally been costly and time-consuming – which is why many companies don’t spend sufficient time questioning and validating daily production data, to their financial detriment. Inlibra streamlines the process; our customers are able to produce accurate balance reports.

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Inlibra’s benefits include:

logo bug  An advanced Graphical User Interface to present the complex process model and resolve the errors among flow measurements.

logo bug  A set of reconciled data for production accounting and performance monitoring purposes. With a rigorous mathematical approach, the software uses all available measurement data and takes full advantage of the power of measurement redundancy.

logo bug  The ability to track feedstocks, products and components.

logo bug  Balancing of mass and/or volume using raw flow measurements and other sources of data, such as oil movement or laboratory data.

logo bug  Mathematical detection of missing movements or gross errors.

logo bug  Automatically eliminates problems before generating an optimal set
of reconciled data.

logo bug  Inlibra’s thoughtful design is immediately apparent. It is carefully built with comprehension and insight to serve process engineers and production accountants.

logo bug  Designed to perform complex, plant-wide reconciliation, Inlibra combines a graphical user interface capable of representing process diagrams along with a robust data reconciliation algorithm. With minimal configuration, its complete, event-based data management provides trending capability of historical reconciled and measurement data.

logo bug  Inlibra provides a variety of advanced tools to reconcile plant data more accurately and systematically than other data reconciliation applications.

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