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Object properties are the names and numbers associated with database objects in Inlibra (streams, tanks, nodes, processes, receipts and shipments).

Numeric values associated with Inlibra database objects normally either come from process history and movement logging data or result from reconciliation adjustments.

If you purchase the Smart Object feature, you can add new, dynamically calculated numeric fields to any of Inlibra's database objects. These smart properties draw data from within the same object or other objects in the plant model.

What makes the objects “smart”? They can calculate their own Key Performance Indicators. Inlibra allows you to create logical models to directly show data that would have to be laboriously extracted from the results of competitors’ software. Thanks to Inlibra's remarkable performance, the calculations don’t add noticeably model display times.

Smart Object used in a Logical Stream
Figure 7 – Example of a Smart Object used in a Logical Stream

Inlibra can display a logical model for KPIs from the balance models. The main KPI’s in a plant are loss and energy unit cost, which represent the overall plant performance.

A Variety of Logical Models with Various KPIs
Figure 8 – A Variety of Logical Models with Various KPIs

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