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Companies that deal with granulated solid products need to know at a particular instant in time how much inventory they have on hand.

While granulated solids can be measured by belt scale meters as they flow into and out of the warehouse, these meters contain a degree of error. Over time, the calculated inventory will differ significantly from real inventory. In one case, Inlibra SSC found that without correction, the running inventory calculated solely from meters would cause a 20% error by the end of one year.

To avoid cumulative error, companies engage topographical surveyors to measure the shape of the stockpile mound with surveying equipment such as theodolites.

Topographical surveys are not an ideal solution as they are costly and can’t be done often enough (perhaps once a month). A more frequent reported inventory value can act as a check on the meters as well as the topographer’s results. Stockpile Tracker answers the need.dotted rule