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Stockpile Tracker is a valid solution for modeling the stockpile shape as long as these requirements are met:

logo bug  The shape of the stockpile is a long, essentially triangular mound or a series of such mounds.
logo bug  The mechanism for removal of material from the pile corresponds in general to the type of scraper arms around which Stockpile Tracker was designed.
logo bug  The granulated solid tends to form a mound slope at a constant angle. (e.g., approximately 28º for urea.)
logo bug  There is sufficient instrumentation and the measurement data from those instruments can be captured by software and fed to Stockpile Tracker. This is normally done via a plant data historian such as PI or PHD. The needed measurements are:
     logo bug  Pile height at the point where new material is poured onto the pile
     logo bug  Position where new material is being added
     logo bug  Angle of scraper arm(s)
     logo bug  Location of scraper arm(s) along the length of the pile

The geometry of the mound’s freshly poured areas is calculable by assuming that new material accumulates a pile with a fixed slope. The exact shape of scraped areas can be calculated by knowing the range of motion of the scraper arm(s).

Stockpile Tracker can be tailored to accommodate any plant. The amount of tailoring will depend largely on whether, how and to what degree the above requirements are met. Even if your plant’s situation differs greatly, Inlibra SSC may still be able to develop a suitable alternative – so don’t hesitate to ask.

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