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Stockpile Tracking
Goals of Stockpile Tracker Design








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The application was developed to:

logo bug  Minimize the human data entry needed to maintain a valid model of
stockpile shape.
logo bug  Calculate from inventory delta the amount of production and shipping, to supplement and serve as a check on other methods such as metering.
logo bug  Encourage and facilitate timely updating and use of the warehouse inventory data so management can make real time decisions.
logo bug  Provide multiple departments (not just Operations) the ability to view warehouse inventory data.
logo bug  Permit experimentation with presumed density to determine the value most likely to represent reality. This is important since the actual density of a granulated solid under stockpile conditions is difficult to measure.
logo bug  Determine if metering errors are accruing daily, without waiting for monthly topographic survey results.
logo bug  Reduce monthly topographic adjustments to calculated inventory.

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