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dotted rule Inlibra Stockpile Tracker (ST) tracks and displays the shape of a stockpile of a granulated solid, thereby also calculating the inventory as mass. Originally created for a urea stockpile, the technology can be applied to other granulated solids as well.

Using real-time measurements of additions and removals, Stockpile Tracker models the volume and mass of a granulated solids stockpile over time, providing up-to-date inventory via intranet web displays and creating a database for reports. Stockpile Tracker can model the changes in stockpile shape because the shape only changes at two places:
logo bug  Where there are additions, usually poured onto the pile from above.
logo bug  Where there are removals, usually scraped onto a conveyor belt by scraper arms.

Sufficient measurement at these two critical places is all that’s required.

Stockpile Tracker, released as Warehouse Tracker, has been successfully deployed in the largest urea warehouse in the Western Hemisphere.

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